teen retreat

Speaker--Justin Hawkins

worship leader--Cross Daily

    Justin Hawkins was raised in Star City and has attended First Free will Baptist of Star City for the last 25 years.  While attending First FWB, he has served on the youth board and as the teen class teacher.  He also lead music briefly and has been active in the masters men program.

    Justin attended the University of Arkansas from 2014-2018 and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture, food, and life sciences.  His major includes agricultural education, communication and technology management with a concentration in systems  and technology and minored in ag leadership and ag business. 

       Justin started attending Camp Beaverfork before he was a camper.  Camp has made some of the largest impacts on his life, it’s where he was saved and met his wife.  He worked at camp during the first year of Interns / STARR program and found out he really liked making Bro. Brian stress out about the safety of games.  He joined the ASM board this past year and looks forward to working with all the people behind the scenes that make camp go. WOO PIG!!

   Cross Daily is just a group of like minded Christian friends from all over central Arkansas who joined together to share their love for Christ and Christian music. They have been featured at several music festivals over the years.  Their main purpose and focus is to share the gospel through the gifts and abilities that God has blessed them with.