Speaker Bio

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

                                                --Albert Einstein

Speaker--Evan Barns

Keynote Speaker--clay dyer

Clay Dyer was born on May 23, 1978, without any lower limbs, no arm on the left side and a partial arm on the right. However, these limitations did not dampen his determination and positive spirit.

Clay began fishing at age 5.  A natural competitiveness became evident early. Clay never allowed his physical disabilities to be an obstacle and began competing in fishing tournaments at age 15. He fished with FLW from 2000 to 2010 and began his career with BASS in 2012.

Clay spends the majority of his time sharing his life experiences through motivational and leadership presentations to various companies, charities and churches. Clay currently fishes the Bassmaster Open Series and select charity events, and is passionate about helping special needs kids.

Clay’s television appearances include ESPN, Fox, CNN Headline News, Versus, the Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports South, the 700 Club and CBS. Published articles about Clay have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek, Bassmaster, FLW Outdoors Magazine, and many more.

Clay’s motto, "If I can, you can."

Evan Barnes was born April 18, 1990 in Russellville Arkansas. He grew up fishing as early as he can remember and started fishing tournaments when he was 14 years old. After a lot of success early in Tuesday night tournaments it fueled his passion and fire to become a professional fisherman. Unfortunately this passion would lead to an eventual downfall because he failed to include God in his plans and dreams.

God has a way of getting your attention and humbling you to the point where you realize that you need him and thankfully that’s what He did for Evan. After surrendering his life to the Lord he continued his dream with God on his side and in 2017 he qualified for what was then the FLW tour and has been fishing professionally for the last six years.

He gives God all the glory for even an opportunity to share his testimony to anyone who will listen and some who will not. There was a time in his life where he felt like he was going to have to quit fishing because fishing had become his god. But after prayer he felt like the Lord said “you are not going to quit fishing but you’re going to use every opportunity that I give you to tell people what I have done in your life”. Looking back over the last seven years there have been hundreds of those opportunities and he is hoping for many more!