teen retreat
Speaker--Cliff preston
worship leader--cliff Preston

Singer / Songwriter/ Worship Leader Cliff Preston has been traveling across the country for the last fifteen years singing songs about a Savior that changed his life.  Growing up a preachers son, the gospel was present in his life from an early age.  Following in his father's footsteps as a minister, Cliff does his best to allow God to use him to tell His story.  

"I believe that God allows us to use the situations in our lives to minister to others that may be dealing with the same issues.  This is ministry."

Cliff began singing in church as an 8 year old.  In college he decided to learn to play the guitar and began writing his own songs.  He signed his first recording contract in 2007, just five years after starting to write his own music.  Since then, God has continued to allow Cliff to use those talents to further the Kingdom of The One True God.

Cliff, of Smackover, Arkansas, lives in his childhood home with his wife Leslie, Daughter Kannyn, and Son Murphy.  He writes music for himself and for others in association with Right Angle Music in Nashville. Recently the Christian Group "Newsong" used a song that Cliff wrote on their CD titled "Swallow The Ocean." His song "Who Loved You First" sings as an invitation to all to come to the One who loved us first.  No matter where you are or where you have been, God created you, knows you, and loves you.  He also has had artists such as JJ Weeks, Tadashi, and Tyrus Morgan perform his songs.  

Cliff continues traveling leading worship and singing for the King.